Written in Quotes from all Students on Class Evaluations (Letters)


“TEC is really important to me. It means very much. I gained knowledge that will be very useful for business, but more importantly for all my life.”
-Eric Lelievre

“All sessions were very intense and motivational.”
-Alessio Bortone

“I can’t think of another time in my life where I’ve been given this kind of personal attention. What a great foundation the program has helped me create to forge my future success.”
-Natalie Schrager

“Great. Exceptional.”
-Annette Galindo

“1000% useful. …many of the tools we have be given I will apply to my life now and always. More sessions!”
-Allison Jenkins

“This is by far the best experience of my MBA at HEC.”
-Jay Nassan

“Excellent… (TEC) is the greatest value added in my MBA experience.”
-Jose Pinto

“(TEC) made the whole MBA experience…”
-Paul McRostie

“Best thing at HEC. Exceptional. Beyond compare. Simply brilliant.”
-Daniel Sipple-Asher

“Overall it was on of the best experiences.”
-Elena Atanasova

“More profitable and usable than any course. Thanks a lot! That was wonderful.”
-Francois Bruyant

“TEC on Campus is an excellent opportunity… Extremely helpful. Excellent. The format is perfect.”
-Faizul Wahid


“Thank you very, very much.”
-Erwan Barbier

“Awesome, rewarding, meaningful and valued experience. I really appreciate this opportunity. More sessions.”
-Nayoung Kim

“Such a wonderful once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Thank you!”
-Jessica Padman

“I found the program very enriching.”
-Suhiab Hassan

“TEC has been the best experience in my HEC MBA program… TEC will prepare me for changes throughout my life. You taught me to fish and I’m forever grateful”
-Lalana Chotlersak

“(TEC) has been an incredible life experience. TEC has helped me to be a better person.”
-Guy Janssens de Grenade

“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”
- Adam Silberberg

“(the) TEC on Campus program is a perfect asset to the MBA program. It is exceptional…”
-Dosseh Akueson

“Thank you so much! More sessions…”
-Christiane Schimeck

“(TEC) is an excellent program… In one word—UNIQUE.”
-Ratna Mukhopadhyay

“Excellent. (TEC) definitely enriched the overall MBA experience. I would have loved the program to last longer.”
-Izabela Milczarek

“…I would highly recommend to anyone/individual wanting to grow their leadership skills. Extremely useful…”
-Franck Formis


“Amazing – got the feeling I am 15 years older when it’s just been 12 months. Thanks!”
-Yoann Leonard

“It’s been an honor to be a part of this program.”
-Daniel Antoine

“Thanks to HEC to have this great experience. The skills will help me during all my life. Thank you!”
-Remi Roche

“This is an extraordinary experience.”
-Maiko Sato

“More than ‘knowledge’ we acquired experience… Very, very useful. …a privilege…”
-Cristina Oyaga

“TEC was for me everything that I think visions of leadership. Very powerful. Highly rewarding.”
-Richard Broadbridge

“This program is an…excellent experience. Thanks to (the Chairman) for making this TEC experience unique!”
-Erica Amoroso

“…gained knowledge and leadership skills; Rules of the Road. Gave me appreciation for great leaders. Thank you…”
-Vinay Krishna

“TEC was an excellent program. What an amazing opportunity… I am thankful for the TEC program.”
-Scott Edison

“Amazing experience, very privileged to be a part…”
-Lei Zhang

“It was a really moving and amazing experience. This experience was one of the highlights of my MBA… I feel so lucky to have had this experience…”
-Joanne Brophy

“Thank you for being part of TEC. It has been an incredible experience. It has been the best experience and learning curve for me in the MBA program. I am very grateful.”
-Ruta Jukneviciute


“I will miss TEC. I have to stop now or I’ll start crying. Thank you for making me realize what a great person I can be.”
-Fabiola Diaz Garcia

“Great experiences! Great insights! Great stories! I am very glad (the Chairman) came into my life and that (TEC) has impacted it the way it has. More sessions!”
-Nicolas Hobeilah

“Thanks so much. I can’t express with words how much I value (the chairman) and the program.”
-Brian Trauth

“Wonderful journey…too bad it’s finished. I will miss the sessions.”
-David Rigault

“A really wonderful year in TEC. I will remember this my whole life.”
-Zhang Weikang

“This was the best thing, the most valuable part of my MBA.”
-Obele Okobi-Harris

“The most significant educational experience of my MBA. Thank you for a great year.”
-Ben Smith

“Amazing… It was just great! Thank you very much!”
-Yelena Denyakina

“Thank you very much. Unforgettable, thanks a lot.”
-Evgeny Vildanov

“Thank you very much for everything…a unique opportunity… An amazing experience.”
-Sofia Loitsou

“TEC is an incredible and fantastic experience! (I) was honored to participate.”
-Monica Cuello Garcia


“Extremely valuable… Thank you.”
-Anke Dadder

“Great… (TEC) has exceeded all of my expectations and hopes. Thank you, truly thank you!”
-Chris Boyle

“Thanks for such a great year. I got more than I could have ever expected. Thanks for allowing me to have such a wonderful experience.”
-Shaun West

“…unique. …invaluable support…”
-Maria Pena

“The TEC course is the only course (that makes you) think about ‘What to do’ that came out of my MBA and I value that most…”
-Jae Ho Choi

“I think that the program is wonderful.”
-Bernardo Sardou

“(TEC) was a great experience.”
-Gabriela Gaut

“Absolutely great!”
-Jaros Agnieszua

“TEC was a perfect complementary step to my MBA at HEC. I’d like to have more sessions. I had a fuzzy vision and now I see the light throughout the clouds.”
-Thierry Fornas

“It’s a great program… I feel like a better person… TEC for me is a rare precious gift I was lucky to find.”
-Shana Arun Kumar

“TEC for me was the best part of the MBA program… In one word ‘Fantastic.’”
-Karmvir Rajpurohit

“Extremely effective. The only problem is that it is over. I believe it was my best experience from the MBA and I will remember (it) for all my life.”
-Pablo Terra


“…powerful overall lessons… FANTASTICE EXPERIENCE!” Most valuable I’ve had so far at school.”
-Justin Oppelaar

“TEC on Campus was by far the most inspiring experience of this year. I cannot find the right words to express how grateful for the extraordinary time we’ve spent this year.”
-Gabriel Gomez Celaya

“A fantastic experience. Inspirational, amazing, remarkable and surprising. There is no question, best part of my MBA.”
-Richard Robinson

“Honestly, TEC has been the greatest experience I have had at HEC. Excellent.”
-Parissa Monadjemi

“The TEC program has been the most amazing and wonderful experience I have ever had and will remain fond memories forever.”
-Moiz Arfaoui

“…interesting… (TEC) was extremely useful and enlightening… (TEC) has been a great learning experience.”
-Carlos Ojeda

“The experience will remain in my memory. It’s a pity the experience is over. …great experience. Excellent… Thank you very much.”
-Yvan Moreau

“…tremendous value to my thinking process… I appreciate and am thankful for the honesty and integrity… Touch my life.”

-Kiran Karunakaran

“The things I learned from (TEC) will take me years to learn by myself. …I gained power. …perfect.”
-Jie “Gace” Chen

“from the bottom of my heart thank you. I might be one of those who has the hardest time to stop (TEC) now. I want it to go on.”
-Sven Blank

“No words can express the gratitude for such a wonderful experience The most enriching part of my MBA experience. (TEC) will always be in my heart.”
-Adriana Stagi Alves

“It has been wonderful. A major driving force that influenced re-framing my career plans.”
-Maloy Burman