Written in Quotes from all Students on Class Evaluations (Letters)


This program has changed my life” -Ejieme Eromosele

This program is the best thing I got out of Stern.” -Christine Lee

This is the highlight of my second year.” -Carlos-Andres Lacayo

Awesome program for leadership development.  Advice and input has been invaluable to my life.” -Vivek George

The Executive Committee is an unbelievable experience and I am honored to have had this opportunity.” -Lola Bakare

Love, love, love…huge impact!  Very positive on my graduate experience.  I view leadership and leaders in a totally different way.” -Agata Rzamek

True gift.  Thank you, thank you, thank you! -Erica Rotstein

I have learned how to approach complex challenges with structure.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” -Tamar Haberfeld

This has been an incredible experience and I feel very privileged to have benefited.  Phenomenal opportunity for personal growth and development.” -Jay Stone

I thank you for this amazing experience” -Murat Berme

Can’t thank you enough for everything.  I feel more confident in my ability to succeed.” -Gus Giacoman

I am proud to be an Executive Committee Alum and to have had this privilege.  What I am most grateful for however is the complete and total commitment you brought to your interaction over the course of the year and the sincerity of your interest in what was on my mind whether the subject at hand was personal, professional or philosophical.  It was amazing to me that you were able to bring the totality of your experience and intellect to bare.” -Orson Robbins Pianka


“ ‘Thank you’ isn’t really enough for such a gift…”
-Marsha Kublall

“It was excellent.”
-Chris Cramer

“This is one of the best things I done in my life let alone the MBA school.”
-Sanjay Rupani

“This program is by far the highlight of my Stern experience. (TEC) has been an absolute pleasure.”
-Zubin Dalal

“ (…the knowledge and skills gained in TEC are) extremely (useful), the Rules of the Road…”
-Elli Stephanede

“…a moving and powerful experience. Very well planned and with a strong impact. Thank you very much.”
-Daniel Sultan

“This has been an incredible experience and gave me some truly wonderful tools to navigate my life with. I am especially thankful to have received this gift at business school….”
-Trish Kenlon

“I had a very positive experience and am grateful to have had this opportunity. VERY important to my personal and career development.”
-Musetta So

“Skills that you can’t acquire in the business school environment. (TEC) was great—I will miss our sessions.”
-Miriam Glick

“TEC is the only opportunity I’ve had in business school to deal with personal development and leadership…”
-Rebecca Solow

“A great experience for me…”
-Jarret Hines

“This program is nothing like I have experience before and I consider it critical to my development. This is a fabulous program.”
-Juan Ramos