Written in Quotes from all Students on Class Evaluations (Letters)


I learned a lifetime worth of wisdom in less than a year.  And that alone is worth all the thousands of tuition dollars I paid to get those 3 little letters MBA after my name.  Loved it…will miss it.  Clearly a great program couldn’t imagine my Business School experience without it.  You know I walk around campus sometimes and when I see a fellow TEC’ie I look around at the other students and I think to myself  ‘They just don’t know.’ They just don’t know how much more rich and full our business experience has been.” -Tracy Liu

The Executive Committee was unquestionably the greatest highlight of my time at Pepperdine Graduate School of Business.” -Nate Patena

Most amazing experience thus far at Pepperdine.” -Mehnaz Bohra

“How many superlatives do we have room for?  Absolutely incredible, invaluable.” -Brett Jamison

“This has been the absolute best experience at Pepperdine.  For me, it has made this MBA program worthwhile.” -Joey Rippole

“Without a doubt the highlight of my year at Pepperdine. I felt absolutely honored to be in it.  From the beginning selection of people could not have been better.  Every single person in the program is incredible in potential and in character.” -April Brickell

“Probably the most significant, sustainable lessons from my experience at Pepperdine.” -Ryan French

“This has been absolutely the best experience at Pepperdine.  To me it made the MBA program worthwhile.” -Gene Miller

“One of the most influential experiences of my life.  Priceless!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!” -Brian Leopold

“The Executive Committee program changed my Pepperdine experience.  It made me a better person in every way.  It really helped me figure out what I want to be in life.  It was the best experience at Pepperdine.” -Saloni Desai 

“Hands down the most valuable experience I’ve had at Pepperdine. The Executive Committee is such an amazing experience…and I feel very privileged.” -Monica Chadorchi

“An incredibl(y) valuable program and I can’t even think of anything to compare it to.  Wanted to say thanks again for allowing me to participate and gain so much from this program.” -Jay Archilla


“The best club at Pepperdine! The most beneficial piece of my MBA experience. Life changing!!”
-Jesse Girod

“Best experience… Real life concrete examples and experiences…”
-Nancy Lahoud

“The most impactful and best experience I’ve had at Pepperdine. I’ve had no single experience that was more helpful in my life.”
-Patrick Woodward

“…I feel blessed to have received (this) guidance.”
-Steffanie Tamehiro

“The TEC program has added a completely new dimension to my business school experience and acquired knowledge.”
-Lindsey Raymond

“…this may be the single most valuable opportunity that I’ve had at Pepperdine.”
-Bryan Zirkel

“This experience has been amazing.”
-Adam Sever

“Best part of my MBA experience. Outstanding. Everyone should be so lucky…”
-Jihan Quail

“Being a part of (TEC) was a tremendous experience—a privilege…”
-Jerin Renfroe

“By far I have learned and grown the most from this program more than anything else in the MBA or my life. I wish it would never end.”
-Tony Leadbetter

“Participating in TEC has been my most valuable experience at Pepperdine and has enriched this period of study far beyond my expectations.”
-Carol Howard

“The program has been invaluable to me.”
-Annie Tran


“…great and unique opportunity…”
-Fredderik Aackermann

“Best thing I’ve even been involved in.”
-Sirish Upadhyay

“This was the best experience of not only Pepperdine time, but life in general.”
-Maureen Stafford

“These are life lessons I will always carry with me.”
-Colleen Higdon

“Life altering. Phenomenal experience. Worth the entire cost of my MBA.”
-Patric Rayburn

“This has been one of the most influential and special experiences of my life. There are no words that can do justice to how incredible this program is.”
-Tim Benson

“…the program (has) been so great…”
-Adrienne Cohn

“TEC is by far the best aspect of my business school experience.”
-Lee Bourns

-Gina Kelly

“(TEC) cannot be captured in words! Amazing experience!”
-Morgan Pattee

“This is the highlight of the (MBA) program at Pepperdine.”
-Lance Kawamoto

“The best learning experience.”
-Simone Lederman


“This has been one of the most valuable experiences of my MBA career.”
-Lisa Atia

-Greg Collins

“Phenomenal. This is one of the most important experiences of my life.”
-Brad White

“TEC helped me to assimilate the softer, grey areas of business than an MBA program does not.”
-Jessmy D’Souza

“Thanks for making my MBA experience!”
-Ryan McVicker

“My participation in the TEC program has single handedly reassured my decision to attend Pepperdine.”
-Mark Sika

“(TEC has) been tremendous guidance in my learning and growth.”
-Helena King

“Life changing experience, by far the best part of my MBA experience.”
-Mike Pelletier

“There is no experience that could have paralleled this one.”
-Jessica Jekkel

“TEC more than exceeded my expectations. Invaluable…I want more TEC classes”
-Sarah Han

“Strong sense of confidence.”
-Matt Kemp


“This has been undoubtedly THE most valuable aspect of my Pepperdine experience.”
-David Streja

“The TEC program was the one thing during my (MBA) at Pepperdine that far surpassed my expectations. What an amazing gift…”
-Shizuka Suzuki

“It’s the best experience that I’ve had at Pepperdine’s MBA program. I cannot begin to express my gratitude and appreciation.”
-Verna Lin

“The process was able to affect my life forever.”
-Steve McDonald

“The program has been the best educational experience of my MBA program… I am so happy that I was included.”
-Sarah Whitfield

“This experience opens you to business perspectives and challenges that are not available in a text book…”
-David Sumethasorn

“I am very grateful for this opportunity. My heartfelt appreciation and gratitude…”
-Divya Chandrasekaran

“Amazing program.”
-Ira Yaskogorodsky

“So great. Amazing.”
-Zach Pond

“Very effective, lots of info to help me make better life decisions.”
-Amy Hauser

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
-Sabrina Amani


“Thank you from the bottom on my heart…”
-Stephanie Kawashima

“Have it (TEC) continue forever.”
-Tim McCormack

“Great opportunity – privileged to be part of the TEC program.”
-AJ Singh

-Jessica Buell

“I recommend this (TEC) to new students.”
-Suresh Venkateswaran

“Wonderful experience…”
-Claire Pattisson

“I feel very lucky to have been in this…group.”
-Ariana Fletcher

“I really had a great experience…”
-Faisal Rajput

“Program is great!! Thank you!”
-Jasmine Britain

“It is too bad that it is over…”
-Shawna Barnhart

“(TEC) was absolutely great!”

-Cameron Madani

“…great advice and processes to think about.”
-Ramine Mansoori


“Loved the 1-on-1’s.”
-J. Michael Leon

“I cannot say one negative thing…”
-Gordon Chu

“…incredibly valuable.”
-Mark Andrew

“The most valuable program at Pepperdine.”
-Jamie Monroe

“An incredible experience that has impacted my decisions in an extremely positive way.”
-Jaimie Patel

“An invaluable part of my MBA!”
-Michelle Liu

“Thank you for impacting my life.”
-Mark Koep

“I have so many take away lessons…”
-Sabrina Yuan

“Excellent program overall!”
-Felix Flores

“What an amazing journey it has been.”
-Mark Andrew

“I look forward one day to participating in my own Executive Committee. Time with TEC will be a life long Experience.”
-Doug Wheaton

“I could never thank you enough.”
-Henry Lee


“I feel so privileged to be a part of TEC.”
-Sage Shah

“I can honestly say this process has been the valuable and memorable part of the (MBA) Program. Thank you for contributing to my experience here and ultimately my life.”
-Scott Warren

“I think the executive sessions were fabulous. I feel very lucky to have had this experience.”
-Julie Goodkind

“As an international student in a foreign country it is an incredible opportunity for me…”
-Tian Lan

“Absolutely phenomenal…”
-Riccardo Gale

“(TEC) thank you for making me/challenging me to be a better person. (It) helps to challenge us to achieve our personal greatness and best”
-Maureen Henry

“…it was one of the most interesting experiences of my life and added great value to my MBA…”
-Razvan Pasol

“(TEC) is on of the few (experiences) that I will always remember after I go back home.”
-Ayca Hackadiraglu

“Candor and caring were greatly appreciated.”
-Danielle Strome

“It was extremely effective and I have grown and developed tremendously from the experience.”
-D.C. Fawcett

“Being part of the TEC program has probably been the best experience I’ve had in business school. I can’t say enough for the program…”
-Bill Durham


“Thank you for a very valuable and enjoyable experience. I am sad that it’s over, but so happy I was a part of it.”
-Tammy Maeda

“I have nothing but great things to say.”
-Amir Moftakhar

“The resource specialists were amazing. We were extremely fortunate to have been graced with their time.”
-Courtney Warren

“It was a time I looked forward to for days ahead of time.”
-Luke Ward

“I really recommend all of them (the resources).”
-Paul Okaiteye

-Annie Varanesa


“(Regarding the resources) variety, depth and quality were all excellent.”
-Alex Petrov

“Very helpful on finding the student’s future directions.”
-Alan Yuan

“Helped me a lot to grow.”
-Jing Jing Yao

“…perspective that I would not have taken myself.”
-Tian Yu

“I enjoyed (the 1-on-1’s) the most.”
-Mandeep Kakar

“…very insightful and made me question and think about things I have never thought about it.”
-Carlos Fernandez

“…I received a lot of take home value.”
-James Doolin

“It has opened my eyes to many things I am trying to implement in my life.”
-Trace Blethan

“ …I plan to participate in something like TEC in the future.”
-Carlos Davey


“…it was definitely something that I needed and I was glad I was a part of it.”
-Yemisi Usanga

“Wonderful experience.”
-Dmitry Tartakovsky

“I feel lucky to have had (you) touch my life.”
-Lindsay Verity

“(The Chair) has made a significant difference in my life. I have learned a lot about myself…and I am doing things in my life differently than I would have before TEC. Thank you…”
-Tim Walter

“The resources were invaluable. I appreciate all that was done for us.”
-Stacy Robin Meranus

“Excellent. About life behind the scenes.”
-Andrew Wang

“…the program was valuable and far reaching in my career.”
-Arthur Ma

“The resources were excellent.”
-Velios Kodomichalos

“Thank you for the opportunity.”
-Jen Woley

“I am confident that this experience will last forever.”
-Artur Oganezov


“The best program I participated in at Pepperdine.”
-Jayson Pheffer

“Overall, one of the best experiences of the Pepperdine MBA.”
-Tony Adair

“I have gotten enormous take-home value.”
-Frank Guiterrez

“(The Chair) is the best resource for advice that I have ever had.”
-Ximena Del Carpio

“I know that this is one of those experiences I will look back upon as life-altering.”
-Jen Davis

-Keith Schulner

“I feel sad to think that we won’t continue.”
-Brenda Micetich

“This was a great experience.”
-Rob Powell

“A great asset to Pepperdine.”
-Stephanie Winters

“I really feel that I learned what was important to me.”
-Ramesh Swamy


“The TEC meetings were the best, most educational experience of my MBA program. TEC, more than anything else, will shape my post-MBA career decision making.”
-Gerald Flynn

“By far, the TEC sessions were the most enjoyable and valuable aspect of my experience at Pepperdine.”
-Sarah Ryan

“The Chairman was exceptional.”
-Nathan Paddock

“TEC has been one of the single most important events of my MBA experience.”
-Wesley Taborn

“I highly recommend TEC.”
-Raed Moukarem

“This has been a great experience for me.”
-Steve Weinberger

“Excellent opportunity…I’m glad to have been included.”
-Steve Brock

“…I’ve left with a vision that might lead to a happy life.”
-Martin Leikarts